We have the pleasure to announce

the 9th Edition of the International Symposium  Napoca Biodent 2019

May 9th –  10th, 2019

(Research in Clinical Dentistry)



Napoca Biodent International Symposium, organized by the Faculty of Dentistry of University of Medicine and Pharmacy “ Iuliu Haţieganu”, Cluj-Napoca,


has become a scientific event of tradition that brings together the scientific experience of researchers from various fields, oriented towards the study of properties, methods of investigation and indications of biomaterials in  dental medicine.

The Symposium also promoted dental education, fundamental and clinical research, as well as clinical applications in the field of dental practice, the latest materials and technologies.


The program include conferences presented by  Invited speakers from our country and abroad, researchers and clinicians, as well as sessions of oral presentations and posters.


It will be an honour to have you as guests on these days of celebrating dental medicine in Cluj, being convinced that by your participation you will make an important contribution to the scientific success of our manifestation.


Invited speakers

Confirmed speakers


From Abroad

Prof dr. Rade Paravina – Professor and director of the Houston Center for Biomaterials and Biomimetics, University of Texas, USA

Prof dr Nicoleta Ilie – Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany

Prof dr. María del Mar Pérez Gómez, University of Granada, Spain

Prof Răzvan Ghinea University of Granada, Spain

Prof dr. Lasserre Jean Francois- University of Bordeaux, France


From Romania

Prof dr. Sorin Andrian (UMF Gr. T. Popa Iași, Romania)

Prof dr.Iulian Antoniac (Universitatea Politehnica București, Romania)

Prof dr. Norina Forna (UMF Gr.T.Popa Iași, Romania)

Conf dr. Roxana Ilici (UMF Carol Davila- București, Romania)

Prof dr. Horea Manolea (Universitatea de Medicină și Farmacie Craiova, Romania)

Prof dr. Veronica Mercuț (Universitatea de Medicină și Farmacie Craiova, Romania)

Prof dr. Meda Negruțiu (UMF Victor Babeș- Timișoara, Romania)

Prof dr. Mariana Păcurar (UMF Tirgu-Mureș, Romania)

Prof dr. Sanda Mihaela Popescu (UMF Craiova, Romania)

Prof dr. Mihai Rominu (UMF Victor Babeș- Timișoara, Romania)

Prof dr. Laura Cristina Rusu (UMF Victor Babeș- Timișoara, Romania)

Prof dr. Melinda Szekely (UMF Tirgu-Mureș, Romania)

Organizing Committee


Prof dr. Diana Dudea


Organizing Committee

Conf dr. Baciu Sorana

Conf dr.Mihaela Hedeșiu

Conf dr. Aranka Ilea

Conf dr. Mariana Constantiniuc

Sef lucr dr. Smaranda Buduru

Sef lucr dr. Marius Manole

Sef lucr dr. Bogdan Culic

Sef lucr dr. Mesaros Anca

Sef lucr dr. Alexandra Botos

Sef lucr dr. Cimpian Sanda

Sef lucr dr. Kui Andreea

Asist dr. Negucioiu Marius

Asist dr. Alexandru Grecu

Asist dr. Mihai Varvara

Asist Alexandru Burde

Asist dr. Ciutrila Ioana

Student Andreea Radulesc

Student Sebastian Matei


Scientific Comitee

Prof dr. Radu Septimiu Campian

Prof dr.Mihaela Baciuț

Prof dr.Antoniac Iulian

Conf dr. Horațiu Rotaru

Conf dr. Simion Bran

Conf dr. Ondine Lucaciu

Conf dr. Ada Delean

Cercet st. dr. Marioara Moldovan

Cercet st. Dr.Cristina Prejmerean

Sef lucr. dr. Alexandra Irimie

Sef lucr dr. Cristina Gasparik

Sef lucr dr. Sorina Sava

Sef lucr.dr. Crisan Bogdan

Student Olah Renata

Scientific Abstracts

New this year: A selection of presentations will be included as publications in extenso in a Supliment of Medicine and Pharmacy Reports (indexed PubMED).

This year we are happy to announce a new section for bachelor students: electronic posters.

Abstracts will be sent by email to contact@napocabiodent.ro, until 12.04.2019

Selection of abstracts will be made by the Scientific Committee of the event.

Participants may specify whether they want their work to be included in the Poster Presentation or Oral Communication section, the final decision being taken by the Scientific Committee.

The authors of the abstracts must register in advance and pay the participation fee by the date specified in the section fees. Abstracts submitted without registration of the author will not be accepted (exception invited lecturers)


Abstracts of the Presentations at  Napoca Biodent Symposium will be included in a supplement of the Medicine and Pharmacy Reports – indexed BDI


Drafting conditions:

Abstracts, with a maximum of 250 words, will be written in English, Times New Roman font and structured in the following sections: Objectives, Material and Method, Results and Conclusions.

Authors identification will include the name and affiliation (institution, department, city, country address) The names of the authors who will present the work must appear in bold characters.




Organizers: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Roman, Conf. Dr. Andrada Soancă, Asist. Univ. Dr. Daniela Condor, Asist Univ. Drd. Andreea Ciurea, Asist. Univ. Drd. Cristina Micu Periodontology Department, UMF Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj Napoca

In collaboration with Hdental Store

Date: 09.05.2019, 1200-1400

Location: Periodontology Department, 15th Victor Babes street

Number of participants: 12

Periodontitis is a destructive infectious disease characterized by pocket formation, attachment loss, which left untreated will lead to tooth loss. It needs a complex treatment that aims to eliminate the pathological flora and stop the destructive process. The ultimate goal of periodontal therapy is to achieve periodontal regeneration with the re-formation of all components of the periodontium, including periodontal ligament, gingival connective tissue, cementum and alveolar bone. In the last years, various techniques and procedures have been used to predictably regenerate the lost tooth’s supporting tissues such as the use of different bone grafting materials, guided tissue regeneration (GTR), biological factors, or combinations.

This workshop will focus on the surgical techniques and procedures used to achieve periodontal regeneration, and the participants will improve their practical skills to apply these techniques in current practice.

The current techniques will be explained, shown and repeated by the participants.

Participants will do a surgical regenerative procedure on pig jaws.

All materials and instruments will be provided by the organizers.

Attendance fee:100 Lei


Organizers: Sef Lucr. Dr. Burde Alexandru-Victor, Asist. Univ.Dr. Varvara Mihai, Sef Lucr. Dr. Gasparik Cristina, Asist. Univ.Dr. Varvara Bianca, Asist. Univ.Dr. Grecu Alexandru, Conf. Dr. Culic Bogdan, Conf.Dr. Aghiorghesei Alexandra Iulia, Prof. Dr. Dudea Diana.

In collaboration with NuTechnologies

Date: 09.05.2019, 1400-1700

Location: Department of Propaedeutics and Aesthetics, 32 Clinicilor Street, 1st floor, Room 108

Number of participants: 12

Accurate provisional restorations are essential and serve a number of functions including protection of the pulpal tissues, prevention of bacterial contamination, and preservation of periodontal tissues. In addition, preventing migration of the tooth from its normal position, maintaining esthetics and oral functions, such as mastication and speech, is paramount. With the introduction of computer aided subtractive manufacturing and, in the recent years, additive manufacturing in the form of 3D printing, new and improved methods to obtain this type of restorations have been introduced.

The aim of the workshop is to familiarize participants with the digital workflow required to manufacture a provisional crown through DLP 3D printing, by completing all the clinical and technical steps: intra-oral scanning, CAD design, 3D printing, post-processing and cementation.

A live demonstration of intra-oral scanning will be performed on a patient, each participant will design a crown with the InLab (Sirona) CAD software, 3D printing through the DLP technique will be explained and demonstrated, each participant will complete the post-processing of a printed provisional crown and a live demonstration of the cementation procedure will be shown.

All materials and instruments will be provided by the organizers.

Attendance fee: 100 Lei


Workshop for students

Organizers: Sef Lucr. Dr. Botoș Alexandra, Sef Lucr. Dr. Burde Alexandru-Victor, Asist. Univ.Dr. Grecu Alexandru, Stud. Mariș Anamaria, Conf. Dr. Baciu Sorana, Conf.Dr. Manole Marius, Prof. Dr. Dudea Diana

Date: 10.05.2019, 16:00-20:00

Location: Department of Propaedeutics and Aesthetics, 32 Clinicilor Street, 1st floor, Room 108

Number of participants: 12

Reproduction of dental morphology and occlusion is a very important aspect in prosthodontics and restorative dentistry because restored dental surfaces have to ensure the masticatory function and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) integrity. Restored teeth should not transmit excessive force in the joint or alveolar bone, regardless of the intermaxillary relationship established.

This workshop is intended for dental medicine and dental technician students. It aims to familiarize participants with a sequential modeling technique based on additive modeling in a single wax color. The participants will perform the wax modeling of a maxillary first bicuspid and maxillary first molar, using all the accumulated knowledge of morphology and mandibular dynamics in an effective and pragmatic way.

All materials and instruments will be provided by the organizers.

Attendance fee – FREE – on the basis of the fee for attendance at the congress for students (it is paid at the reception of the symposium)


To be disputed…

Information presentations

Details about presentations:

Presentations of conferences and oral presentations

1. The conferences have allocated 20 or 30 minutes, according to the schedule.
2. Oral presentations have allocated 10 minutes. It is recommended that the actual time of presentation should not exceed 8 minutes, to allow 2 minutes for discussion.
3. The text of the slides will be written in English. Language of presentation – English / Romanian


Presentation format – electronic poster

3-5 slides, English text

For the presentation are allocated 3 minutes +2 minutes of discussions, in front of the Scientific Comitee


Category Until 26.04.2019 After  26.04.2019 or On-site
Dentists 300 RON 400 RON
Residents 200 RON 300 RON
Students 50 RON 100 RON


Important dates:

12.04. 2019- Dead-line abstracts

26.04. 2019. Early registration fees

25.04. 2019- Announcement of the Scientific Committee’s decision on the acceptance of the presentation

After 26.04- Regular fees

The registration fees can be paid using the following account :
Str. Emil Isac, nr. 13, Cluj-Napoca
Banca Transilvania, sucursala Cluj
LEI:  RO88BTRL01301205B90405XX